Server 2012R2 cannot add/remove features/roles error 0×80073701

A newly installed server suddently could not install or remove roles and features.

I did a lot of googling ans internet search, tried repair with DISM etc, but no luck.

A lot of link mentioned missing language packs, but finding the right message in the CBS.log was not that easy. I saw somewhere that something with language packs and ja-jp, but I had not installed any Japanese language, why should I. Also it all worked when I installed the server AD roles, but when trying to install DFS replication it failed.

After trying all kind of Things, I at last tried to install the ja-JP language, and it took 15 minutes, but when I was finished, I could now install the features I wanted.

Why this happend, I don’t know, I also have not tried to restart the server, I just hope that it is not starting in Japanese.

/ :-)